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Welcome to the NPEC website. Please use the written instructions below.

To allow students staff to complete forms you must use the provided links. These connect the complete forms to your account. Students will typically be given links via their university, however links can also be given out via the placement provider. Students should only complete one form per placement regardless of who provides them with a link.

To access the links please visit the profile page. Links are displayed by location and form type. Each form and location has a specific link. The location can be a university, provider or placement location. What is displayed will depend on how your account is set up. In the case of a provider link, it will include all the sites connected to that provider.

You need to use a different link for each form type. Clinical supervisors, nurse students or midwifery students all have a unique link.

You can copy the link using the button or selecting the text and copying it. You can download the QR code image by click the download image button or right clicking (long tap on touch device) and choosing to save the image. The image is a png file.

Account specific locations/sites

For supervisor accounts that manage a provider or have multiple sites, there is a section at the bottom of the page that list all the current locations. If you are missing any sites/locations please contact us and we will add any missing sites to your account.

If a site is missing please contact us to add it to your account.

Reviewing the report data

To view your data, visit the ‘review data’ page via the menu. The data will only be shown once we have manually added the institution to your account. Once set up the main data page you will show you 12 months of data for nursing/midwifery students by default.

Changing the data displayed

You can change and update what the page shows using the options at the top of the report. Select your choices and click the update button.

Reviewing the data

Each graph or table will have a title or description to describe the data contained with. If there is no data or not enough data, a message will be shown instead. Scroll through the data review page to see all the sections.

Downloading the data

In order to download the data use the download reports (CSV) button. This button will download whatever reports are showing on that page. If you wish to change the data to download, set up the new criteria in the input fields at the top of the page, click the update button first and then click download reports (CSV).

Viewing data for a specific location

If you account has access to more than one site then you can also view data by site. This can be access via the location table by clicking on the location you wish to review. You will only be able to view a site when there are more than 7 reports available (indicated by the yellow highlight when you hover over the location). The location page will only review the last 12 months of data. (More options will become available in future updates). The icon to the left of the location page specifies the report type, nursing student, midwifery student or clinical supervisor

Site specific data

When viewing site specific data it will be of the last 12 months for specific groups (i.e. nursing students, midwifery students or clinical supervisors). In some cases you may see variations for the names of a clinical site. This is something we are working to resolve, but note that data is still being collated under the same location. You can switch between locations and report types via the location table on this page. Note that if there are less than 7 reports for a specific site then you will be unable to review this data.

We have yet to add a download feature for the ‘site ‘review site’ page, this will be available in future updates.

Account details

Updating your details

You can view account details on the profiles page. You can update your name and email using the update your details button. You can view your username and institution via the same page, but in order to update this you must contact us.

Updating your password

The password can be updated using the password fields on the profile page. Enter the password and confirm the password, then click the update password button.

Forgotten password/username or email

If you forget your password you can also update the password at the login screen. Click the link for forgot your password and enter your email or username. If you don’t know what these are you will need to contact us to find out.