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National-Placement Evaluation Tools (NPET)

Access the PDF/paper-based clinical placement rating tools

Pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery students’ placement experiences vary across Australia with both positive and less than optimal experience outcomes.  In line with recent reviews of education it is essential that a nationally consistent approach to understanding and measuring the quality of clinical placements is commenced. Funded by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council and the Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (CDNM) (Australia and New Zealand) the new National Placement Evaluation Centre (NPEC) will be housed at Health Education Services Australia

We anticipate that a national trial of the Centre will commence in April 2022.  In the meantime rating tool and educational resources are available for download.

Project team

The project team includes Deans (or their representatives), early career researchers, undergraduate students and industry partners. Currently, the majority of Australian schools of nursing and their partners are represented.

Available on this site:

About us

The core project team


Project background aims and objectives.

The Tools

The Placement Evaluation Tools


A knowledge bank of interactive resources.


A list of publications derived from NPEC.


Bibliography and references

(NB: the use of the word ‘educator’ in this proposal encompasses the role of nurse mentor/ facilitator/ supervisor which depending on the model may be a tertiary or organisational based position).

Project Partners