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Clinical Placement Assessment Tool for RNs

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The clinical placement assessment tool is comprised of a scoring sheet and behavioural cues.

Clinical placement scoring sheet

The clinical placement scoring sheet records the assessors rating of Australian Nursing Standards Assessment Tool (ANSAT) items. ANSAT items are assessed based on performance of observable behaviours. Behavioural cues have been developed to assist with this process. There is an ANSAT for RNs, and an ANSAT for ENs. There are different scoring sheets and behavioural cues for RNs and ENs. The documents provided on this page are the ANSAT for RNs formative assessment, summative assessment, and the accompanying behavioural cues.

Behavioural cues

The behavioural cues are a non-exhaustive set of examples of behaviours organised by domains. The behavioural cues are provided alongside the clinical placement scoring sheet to illustrate desired behaviours.