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NPEC progress and updates

Project progress

The NPEC has now been collecting nursing and midwifery student and supervisor evaluations of placements since November 2022.  We have developed the generic Placement Evaluation Tool (PET) to enable any health profession to evaluate their clinical placements. This is a short 20 item survey that measures the level of clinical and learning support.  The PET can be completed on a phone in just a few minutes.  A new education management system supports the submission and reporting process, with rapid access to de-identified reports by authorised users, that are summarised in graphical form or a downloadable spreadsheet. National reporting of all outcomes will be available early 2024.

New staff member: Dr Areum Hyun has joined the centre as its first Post Doctorial Fellow supervised by Professors Fiona Bogossian and Marion Tower.  Areum will be focussing on the evaluations of aged care placements with future interventional work as required.

Professor Simon Cooper, NPEC Director, will be on long service leave until 31 October 2023. Dr Colleen Ryan will be deputising. [email protected]

Authorised university representatives: The NPEC operates a system of authorised representatives who are responsible for access to de-identified student reports.  Individuals with access can be identified under the ‘Profile’ tab for registered institutions. 

Registrations and returns (27.6.23):

  • 35/37 universities that run a nursing and midwifery program have registered.
  • 19 of the 24 institutions with a midwifery program have registered a lead midwife.
  • 101 industry providers have registered enabling access to student reports.
  • 7,665 PET (Nursing) reports have been received.
  • 218 PET (Midwifery) reports have been received with a significant increase expected in the next few months due to a research trial with seven universities.

Response rate

Encouraging students to complete an evaluation of each placement is important as this will enable future improvements in educational practice. University clinical co-ordinators are encouraged to place the evaluation QR code/web link before the students final ANSAT or equivalent.  Industry clinical educators are asked to encourage students to complete an evaluation at the end of each placement.

The Future

The NPEC hopes to be able to offer the system to TAFE and Enrolled Nurse students in the near future.  Trials are commencing with paramedicine students and there is interest from the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy professions.

Professor Simon Cooper, Director